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I'm Margaret Young - a Dublin based vinyasa yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur.

Welcome to WildSoul.ie - the home of my wellness blog and yoga class booking portal.

I hope you can join me on the mat for a group Zoom yoga class, a 1 to 1 private class, either via Zoom or in my home studio in North County Dublin, or at a corporate yoga class at your workplace!

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Wild Soul Yoga

Wild Soul Yoga is for you if:

  • You are a busy person and want to feel the physical benefits of yoga like creating strength, as well as the mental, like better sleep
  • You have tried yoga but felt like it’s not enough of a workout and more of a stretch
  • You are a runner with tight hamstrings (so am I!)
  • You lift weights and love the gym (same!)
  • You have lost your fitness mojo, or truth to be told, you are still waiting to find an fitness activity you love
  • You respect yoga philosophy but don't want to spend a chunk of the class chanting. I love the philsophy but my mission is to give you a great workout and maybe get you "yoga stoned" too!
Wild Soul Classes

July & August class schedule for Zoom group classes


All classes 55 minutes. Drop in price is 10 euro.

Mondays @ 7pm

Never-Miss-A-Monday sweaty Vinyasa flow

If you find that if you don’t exercise on a Monday, Monday turns into Tuesday, next thing you know the week is half gone, and you have lost motivation. Scheduling in a Monday flow should put you in good form and ready for the week ahead.

After some breathwork and a thorough warmup, we will set our positive intentions for the week and then kick Mondays ass by firing up the core, and the manipura chakra, the center of personal power, while working the legs and arms and getting our week off to a great sweaty start.

Wednesdays @8pm

Humpday Class

We will warm up and set the tone with some breathwork of course, before really working the lower body, you know the areas and muscles you want to work on! We will balance that out with the rest of the body and incorporate some Anahata (heart) chakra openers before a well-earned extra-long savasana. You might need it.

Thursdays @ 9pm

PJ Club

No standing, nothing too challenging, you can even do it in your PJs. Slip into something comfortable as we work slowly but thoroughly through some sitting and lying asanas (postures). Don’t be fooled, you will work hard but a great nights sleep will refresh you and leave you with better energy to enjoy your weekend.

Sundays @ 10am

Weekend vibes Vinyasa flow

A chilled laid back flow based, with lots of variations and modifications  for you to choose from based on how you feel that day. Some Sundays are more energetic than others so listen to your body and leave your ego at the door.  

Wild Soul Classes

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