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I'm Margaret Young - a Dublin based vinyasa and yin yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur.

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Winter 2020 class schedule



Journey (y)in-to Spring online workshop - Friday 5th February 2021 @ 8pm

A 90 minute journaling and yin workshop. Did you get a journal of any sort, whether it was a planner, a gratitude journal or a diary for xmas, but you haven’t quite got to grips with it yet? If you don’t know where to start this could be the workshop for you.

After a brief grounding meditation, I will guide you through some journaling prompts to brain dump all of the heavy Winter emotional baggage and prepare your mindset for a positive Spring. You will not be asked to share anything, its just time for you to be encouraged to offload, and into a mindset of gratitude and positivity.

We will end our time together with a yin yoga class, focusing on the wood element, which is the Yin element for Spring. We will target the liver (yin) and gall bladder (yang) meridian pair. Wood is associated with Spring because it is a time of growth, expansion and resilience. Like the seed that has been lying dormant in the earth during winter conserving its reserves, in springtime it bounds forward with determination to bring new life. The wood element is about renewal, emergence and rebirth.

Optional chats online afterwards over a cuppa.

Investment is 15 euro Early Bird (up to 29th Jan) and 20 euro thereafter.

GIFT VOUCHERS for this workshop are available.. give the gift of relaxation to someone you love.

Feedback from my workshops:

“Fantastic.. from the time you book to the last minute of the relaxing pose, there’s every attention paid to her customers”

“Just want to thank you for a gorgeous session last night, it was very chill and relaxing”

“I am happy and relaxed. Loved every bit of your yoga workshop last night”

“Thank you for a great class. Feeling very relaxed and already booked into the next one!”

“Feeling very relaxed. So so good”

“Thanks again for tonight really enjoyed it, you have a talent, really made me focus and unwind”


Wednesdays at 8.15pm (or recording available for members)

Sundown yoga

For absolute beginners to intermediate yogis, there are minimal standing postures, and nothing TOO challenging. Let’s end the day together and work through lots of sitting and lying asanas that will work the muscles, calm the body and focus the mind. Attendees reports sleeping well after this class and waking up refreshed the next day.

Investment is 10 euro for each 1 hour class. Or sign up for rolling membership for 40 a month which includes a 7 day playback.

Taking bookings for Spring 2021

virtual Corporate Yoga

Yoga has been proven as an effective way to relieve stress, strengthen the body and mind, and improve overall health and wellbeing in employees. Employers who offer corporate Yoga can expect to see positive results, including higher productivity, and a more positive attitude among employees. It sends a clear message that staff wellness is a priority and can form an integral part of any benefits package.

Classes can be streamed across any conference software your company already use – Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Online – anywhere

Enquire to discuss your companies requirements.

Past and current clients include HPSC (HSE), C Beauty Studio and Polished Nail & Beauty.

Wednesdays @8pm

Humpday Class

We will warm up and set the tone with some breathwork of course, before really working the lower body, you know the areas and muscles you want to work on! We will balance that out with the rest of the body and incorporate some Anahata (heart) chakra openers before a well-earned extra-long savasana. You might need it.

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