5 wellness activities I am looking forward to doing this Summer


I think it’s fair to say that recent events have given us a new sense of appreciation for our freedom. I certainly never took going on holidays or having a manicure for granted, but did I really value having the autonomy to grab a coffee or have a ramble around the shops? It’s hard to believe I ever complained about an opportunity to venture 2km from home or sit in traffic! Here is my list of what I am so looking forward to doing when the time comes…

  1. Sea swimming (instagram.com/swimrise_meetup)

Back in January I started following Swimrise Meetup on Instagram and was intrigued with the weekly meditation session and swim they organise. But I procrastinated, and procrastinated again, and by March the decision was taken out of my hands by social distancing. I am absolutely ready to try sea swimming and it’s literally going to be one of the first things I do.

  1. Parkrun (parkrun.ie)

My love of parkrun is well documented, and I wrote about my 100th parkrun for the Irish Times. But sometimes on a Friday night I start complaining and moaning and I have to force myself out the door on a Saturday morning. Now I crave that routine and that community, and I can’t wait to stand on that starting line again.

  1. Spa day (cloudnineretreat.com)

Apart from getting my nails done as soon as I can, I am looking forward to a spa session that I had planned for ages but kept postponing. Why?! I couldn’t give myself 90minutes for some self-care? To sit in a seaweed bath? What was I thinking.

  1. Salt caves in Balbriggan (saltcavehalotherapy.ie/)

Another thing that was on my wellness to-do list, but I hadn’t gotten around to, was a visit to the salt cave in Balbriggan. “Disconnect from the outside world for 45 minutes as you breathe in the rich benefits of our salt. Relax in our massage chairs, while listening to calming music and the soft gurgle of our water fountain.” Salt halotherapy is a holistic, natural therapy using micro particles of salt to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness and overall wellness. This is going in the diary!

  1. Outdoor yoga (facebook.com/YogaInTheParkMalahide)

Nothing says summer has arrived to me as much as outdoor yoga. Keeping a mat in the car that gets covered in grass and insect repellent, from June to September, is part of my summer experience. Looking at the sky during Shavasana is just unbeatable. Bring it on.

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