Wellness Review – Animal Communication Session with Aurelia Animal Holistics


What is it? Yvonne from Aurelia Animal Holistics uses her intuition to connect with animals. To hear what they have to say, to pass their messages on to their guardians, to be their voice. This skill was developed via a natural ability, study of reiki, angel card readings and more. She connects with your beloved pet, with their consent, remotely, through a deep meditation, and using a photograph and very minimal details that you provide, and asks them questions. She will also listen to what they may have to say or offer. She offers them energy healing if required and ok with you. After the reading, you receive a written or audio (or both) report.

Cost? 90 euro

My experience:

At the time of deciding to go ahead and try a reading, we had had a rough time with our boxer girl Kali. Kali came from a background of neglect and starvation and bears the psychological scars. I saw this animal communication as an opportunity to find out how we might support Kali in her recovery from trauma and to make sure she knows she is safe! I submitted my photo and nominal details about Kali including her age to Yvonne and eagerly awaited the results.

On the same day of the reading I received a 30 minute voice file, a 2 page typed synopsis report and some other files and resources too (I won’t give it all away!).

My verdict:

I absolutely loved this and got so much out of it. The information that was shared as verifying info was 100% correct and with so much accuracy, it was if Yvonne had been on walks with Kali and knew her behaviour. Again, info on me personally (a card was drawn for me) was spot on and could not have been known by googling me or any online research. I got so much helpful info, advice, and reassurance. There was so much to take in on the voice recording, I have played it three or four times so far and will continue to relisten every so often to remind myself  of it all.

If you are curious about this, and the wellbeing of your pet or animal is as important to you as your own, or indeed, completely tied up with your own, then I do recommend an animal communication session with Aurelia Animal Holistics, absolutely, as a wellness practice.

To get in touch with Yvonne of Aurelia Animal Holistic, contact via their Instagram account or via email Yvonne Kearney @ aureliaanimalholistics@gmail.com

This service was gifted as a PR service



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