Sanskrit for Brand New Yogis

Haven’t taken your first class yet because you are confused about that weird-sounding language yoga teachers and students use? Don’t worry I got you. The very basics of Sanskrit, just enough to get you going. Before we start, what is Sanskrit?! An ancient language from India that is still used in yoga culture today. Do […]

My review of Ireland’s first wellness hotel – Powerscourt Springs Hotel

I recently stayed in the Powerscourt Springs Hotel in Co Wicklow, and this is my honest review of the destination and highlights of my trip. Disclaimer: while I do teach yoga and meditation at the hotel, I am not an employee, (I am self-employed) and this trip was 100% planned booked and paid for by […]

Smoothie Bowls – my go-to high-protein vegan breakfast

A couple of weeks ago I ordered myself a coconut bowl (yes made out of a real coconut shell!) to add to my ever-growing breakfast bowl collection, as I like my breakfast to be as beautiful as possible. I posted my morning smoothie bowl pics to my Instagram and people went a little nuts! Among […]