My self-care routines in lockdown

My daily routine As someone who has been self-employed for three years, and in a corporate role prior to that,  routine is something that I am used to, and I can’t seem to loosen up on. On weekdays I get up around 7am do a workout with an online PT who does an Instagram live […]

Monthly Moods – May

Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month- lockdown permitting! I’m rereading my yoga philosophy books in preparation for my yoga exams in June. Some parts I absolutely understand and relate to but a lot of it is so over my head it gives me a headache sometimes. But I am enjoying […]

5 wellness activities I am looking forward to doing this Summer

I think it’s fair to say that recent events have given us a new sense of appreciation for our freedom. I certainly never took going on holidays or having a manicure for granted, but did I really value having the autonomy to grab a coffee or have a ramble around the shops? It’s hard to […]