All about cacao ceremony


Ok what is cacao?

Unprocessed chocolate, raw chocolate, which has been used for thousands of years as a plant medicine – associated with the heart chakra, it is said to open the heart energetically, and has many, many nutritional qualities. These include antioxidants, magnesium, copper, B vitamins, and endorphin producing neurotransmitters.

Why is cacao used in ceremony?

The ceremonies were originally used in religious rituals in ancient cultures. This evolved into how cacao is used now for modern ceremony, as a tool for self-discovery and for its meditative properties.

How is cacao used in conjunction with yin yoga?

All the above nutritional and energetic benefits, and more besides, help to relax the body, in particular the high dose of magnesium, making it easier to focus the mind, which is a lovely state to be in to take to the mat. Yin is a slow meditative yoga style, making this an ideal paring.

I have a block of cacao but how do I make a drink?

You will need to cut a portion from your block. You need about 45g cacao per person, for a ceremonial dose. If you are using your cacao as a daily coffee substitute 10g – 20g is perfect, maybe 20g – 30g for drinking before your own meditation, but a ceremonial dose is 40-45g. This is of course dependent on the individual, and the more you drink it the more attuned to how much you need you become.

  • Grate or chop your cacao.
  • Mix with hot water in the cup or in a pot.
  • Add your plant milk of choice – dairy interferes with absorption of nutrients so use plant milk.
  • If making it a pot, stir in your plant milk and heat. When warm and bubbly, pour into your cup.
  • Or if you are heating your milk in a frother, add the warmed, frothed milk to the cacao and hot water in your cup and mix well.
  • sweetener – such as maple syrup, agave etc to taste


It is important to make your elixir with attention and intension. The ceremony actually starts with the making of the elixir so be sure to be distraction free. Really think about what you would like the cacao to bring to you or set an intension. Have your cacao elixir ready when you log on to the ceremony, but don’t start to drink it just yet.

I am attending your online cacao ceremony, but I booked last minute, and  I won’t be able to order 100% pure ceremonial cacao in time for the event what should I do?

One alternative that you could use at a pinch is cacao powder which may be an ingredient you already own or is easily bought in health food stores and supermarkets.

What should I expect from the ceremony?

You can expect your facilitator to be qualified in ceremony and to open, hold a safe space, lead the ceremony and close the ceremony.

Each ceremony is different for the participant. It depends on the moment, how you feel and with what you are combining  it with. In the Autumn Equinox event we are combining the cacao with a meditation and a short writing exercise/or contemplation and yin yoga.

What do I need for the Autumn Equinox ceremony or any of your upcoming cacao events?

  • your cacao elixir in a favourite mug/vessel
  • charged phone or laptop
  • a relaxing playlist, this is one I especially curated
  • pen and a paper if you want to journal or make note of any thoughts that arise
  • yoga mat or something to lie on like a fluffy rug, cushion and/or blanket
  • a nice relaxing space that you have prepared to be as sacred as possible, maybe using sage beforehand, lighting candles or incense, dimming the lights, having a favourite crystal nearby, anything you would like, and where you won’t be disturbed.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • avoid caffeine before the ceremony
  • avoid heavy meal directly before the ceremony
  • if you are pregnant or if you are taking anti-depressive just take 10g of cacao. If you are 36 weeks pregnant or more, don’t drink any cacao but just join with a cup of herbal tea.

How do I sign up?

To join us for the Autumn Equinox event, click here. For events after this date, click here to book!

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