Monthly Moods – May

Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month- lockdown permitting! I’m rereading my yoga philosophy books in preparation for my yoga exams in June. Some parts I absolutely understand and relate to but a lot of it is so over my head it gives me a headache sometimes. But I am enjoying […]

My fantasy day post lockdown

With at least two weeks of lockdown still ahead of us, I am constantly looking for inspiration and entertainment. There is so much content online about what to do and wear in lockdown, working from home, loungewear for zoom calls etc. and I’m tired of it now! I want to start planning for post lockdown! […]

Monthly Moods- April

Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month – COVID-19 social isolation and lockdown permitting! I’m rereading all of my collection of Karen Swan books. She publishes two a year, one for winter, one for summer holidays. With being at home all the time, winter just seems more appropriate for cozying up […]