Wellness Review – Seshat Botanicals HempOil


What is it?

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have heard of CBD or Hemp Oils and be somewhat familiar with them and their benefits, even given that these are relatively new wellness products to the market. But if you are not, a little crash course. The oil comes from hemp, a cannabis plant like the drug yes but containing little to no THC, the chemical that gets you “high.” Instead, hemp contains cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical that is used to treat anxiety and stress or simply as a wellness tool, to help you deal with life’s challenges.

I first tried these type of products during lockdown but I didn’t have a clue what to look for and I wasn’t too impressed with the taste of the ones I did try. It turned out the products I tried were blends, not true full spectrum and they were flavoured too.

For this Wellness Review, I am appraising Seshat Botanical CBD Hemp Oil.

Top marks from me for being organic firstly, for being cold-pressed and for being a single ingredient product e.g. no blends or nasties or added flavours. I think for something like CBD that has the potential to be misunderstood or viewed with some suspicious, trust is so important, your ingesting it after all! So I like that Seshat Botanicals have their safety test reports easily available on their website and it looks like they take a lot of pride in this. Very reassuring.

Maybe it’s important, maybe it isn’t but first impressions do count after all, and I just loved the packaging, the shade of blue used, the logo, the name, it all really appeals to me.

What are the expected benefits?

It is expected that this oil will support your body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance. “An ancient remedy for the stresses of modern living” as they put it, and yes it has been used for a long time. As we maybe start to incorporate more and more plant medicine in our lives, like our ancestors did, it becomes more normal for us to turn to nature and this is great place to start. I found it helped with stress, anxiety and sleep and believe me, at the time I am writing this, I have a lot in my life. I am sure you do too. I find that taking the Seshat HempOil as part of my morning routine helps me keep calm throughout the day.

I actually didn’t know about the other micronutrients like Omega 3 and 6 until now, so this was a pleasant surprise and as a vegetarian, this is a big bonus.

Cost? €66.00 per bottle or buy 2 get 1 half price at www.seshatbotanicals.com Use MAGS20 for 20% discount. Each bottle contains 40 servings.

My experience:

You might be wondering about the taste. Well it’s an oil, so it tastes like oil! Like a lot of oils I would consider it an acquired taste. I found it fine, and I am a huge lover of olives, although I wasn’t always, so I am expecting that the taste will grow on me more and more and I am hoping to incorporate it into my kitchen larder as well as taking it neat.

My verdict:

Absolute thumbs up.  A must for your self-care tool kit.

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