Wellness Review – Drift Float Therapy


What is it? Sometimes known as a sensory deprivation tank, a floatation tank or pod is a pitch-black, soundproof environment heated to the same temperature as the skin. Due to the high volume of salt added to the water, you float easily and without effort. If you ever saw the episode of The Simpsons were Lisa and Homer both used one you are on the right track!

There are many reported benefits, many of which fall under the umbrella of relaxation and rejuvenation. There are also pain relief and sports injury benefits, lowering of blood pressure and release of muscle tension.

Cost? 50 – 65 euro

My experience:

It took me a while to settle into the pod, I have to admit. It took me a good few minutes to turn off the lights inside the pod, which were multi-coloured and quite soothing, and bring the pod to complete darkness. I have to admit I opened the pod a couple of times too and peaked back out into the lovely room I was in. Everyone would be different of course, but I would say it was such an unusual experience for me trying this for the first time that I spent more time settling in then enjoying the float. Which is a shame! Because when I settled in to it, I started to really enjoy it.

My verdict:

It’s a yes from me although I do recommend more than one session.  A once off would be nice but definitely book yourself a series to see the full benefits, and I would imagine that on a second and on subsequent visits, it would be easier and faster to get “in the zone”.

I visited Drift Float Therapy in Stillorgan, Dublin HERE. My visit was kindly gifted. If you are on the north side of Dublin, there is a place in Malahide and I have linked it HERE. There are other centres around Ireland, a quick google should find your nearest location.

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