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If you are heading off somewhere hot hot hot this Summer, read on, because I am just back from a very hot and sticky trip to Goa, India and I have all the tips for you so you can smolder and sizzle rather than be hot and bothered.

In a tropical and humid climate, minimal or no makeup is realistically what is going to happen. No, I hear you cry! I resisted too and wore my newly purchased from duty free Estee Lauder Double Wear on my first day. It was fine but as the days wore on, I wore less and less and to be fair, my oily skin improved so dramatically that I didn’t require any coverage. In fact, my acne prone skin had never been better. As this was a yoga retreat, I took part in up to four hours of classes per day, sweating foundation on your lovely yoga mat is not a good look for anyone!

Pre departure I got an eyebrow shape and tint and Yumi lash lift treatment from the Queen of Eyes in South Dublin, Caroline from C Studio, Blackrock. A Yumi lash lift, if you are not familiar is basically a perm for your lashes. For the last few months, I had been using Grand Lash MD Serum from Infinity Aesthetics in Portmarnock, which actually works, and my lashes once tended to by Caroline looked unbelievably long. If you have hooded eyes like me or are low maintenance, this is a great alternative to false eyelashes. This treatment should last three months so all summer long baby!

Regarding SPF I deviated from my usual untinted Dermalogica factor 50 and tried a tinted spf 30– the Juliette Armand Sunfilm Face Gel. Again, this was from Infinity Aesthetics and I ensured I tried samples beforehand to make sure it suited my sensitive skin. This SPF protected me from the sun without any white marks, streaks or any discomfort at all, a second skin really. If I did need some concealer under the eyes, I popped it on over the spf.

On to hair, I arrived in India with my hair in French braids but after a day of yoga and sea swimming I had to take them out, and face the music with washing my hair. I brought John Frieda Frizz-Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo and Conditioner which helped a lot but my hair was still pretty wild. I just went with it! I blow dried my hair exactly once, one evening, but the next day I woke up with the same amount of volume and unruliness than if I had let it air dry, so that’s what I did for the rest of the trip. The John Frieda kept my hair in good nick, so when I got home back to my GHD, my hair was sleek and in good condition.

Finally, for lips, to keep my lips moist and happy, I used an inexpensive lip balm from a local Indian chemist. If I was feeling very fancy for the evening, I used the one and only lipstick I brought, which is the perfect coral shade for Summer, Sexy Sienna by Charlotte Tilbury

Now, we now beauty comes from the inside, and I made sure to bring supplements with me, to keep my gut healthy and happy, and my immune system strong. I took Acidophilus 2 billion lactobacilli bacteria by Aya after each meal and I took their Ultimate 1 a day each and every morning.

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