Monthly Moods- April


Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month – COVID-19 social isolation and lockdown permitting!

  1. I’m rereading all of my collection of Karen Swan books. She publishes two a year, one for winter, one for summer holidays. With being at home all the time, winter just seems more appropriate for cozying up on the couch. Maybe when the sun comes back, I will read the summer books in the garden.
  2. I’m switching from gym to home workouts, like everyone else, now that the gyms are closed. I have written a full blog post on who I am following for these workouts, as there is so much fitness noise on social media.
  3. I’m stopping all girls’ nights out, obviously, but Saturday night zoom parties are becoming a thing, and we don’t even need to go to any effort on our appearance, we are just happy to virtually see each other.
  4. I’m stashing my cash as it is in short supply this month but
  5. I’m embracing a growth mindset and an abundance mindset, and I believe that money and success are on the way to me. I already have everything I need to get me through lockdown. Anything else is a bonus.
  6. I’m studying for an hour every morning, really, it’s more interactive than study but I am updating my ECDL with an online course. Might as well get a qualification during lockdown.
  7. I’m considering whether it would be really rude to ask you a favour?
  8. I’m wondering If you have enjoyed this blog post? Please do sign up for my newsletter for all the Wild Soul yoga and wellness news, special offers and free yoga classes.
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