Monthly Moods – February

Margaret Young

Thankfully January is behind us, it was a tough one. I am ready for February. Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month.

I’m reading How to Make it Happen: Turning Failure into Success by Maria Hatzistefanis. I loved Maria’s first book and her podcast; I have been looking forward to her second book for ages. Maria is the founder of Rodial and Nip n Fab.

I’m embracing working from different places including hotels, hot desks, and coworking spaces. Sadly, my much-loved dog passed away in January and there is really nothing keeping me chained to my home office anymore. Luckily, I have M Space practically on my doorstep. M-Space is a co-working and flexible office space, located on the top floor of the Marine Court Centre in Malahide, with beautiful views over the marina.

I’m adding more and more greens to my diet, it’s the only thing that keeps my problematic skin acne-free. As well as spinach daily, I have added in green powders containing spirulina which has to be the disgusting-tasting substance on our planet? Correct me if I am wrong here.

I’m following lots more sea swimming accounts on Instagram. I know I put my intention to start this hobby in last month’s post, but it didn’t happen. I did buy a wetsuit, so I am ready to go. It will happen in February!

I’m becoming more and more aware of the negative effect of single-use plastic and it’s really irritating me how many straws are used daily. I finally got myself some rose gold metal reusable straws and I will be popping one in my bag for on-the-go use. I picked them up in New Look – check them out here, not an affiliate link, just sharing.

I’m revamping my attic room to become a yoga studio. This is where I am having my practice classes as I continue on my yoga teacher training journey. It’s working out so well if my clients almost falling into a coma during savasana is any indication! Here is the link to book in and see for yourself.

I’m feeding my fashion addiction by binging on the new fashion show on Netflix – Next in Fashion. They had me at Alexa Chung. If you like Project Runway, you would love it.

I’m sticking to my spring resolution of not drinking. I drank at Xmas and new year after 16 months of abstinence and I did not enjoy the ensuing headaches. Back to 0% beer for me.

I’m buying tickets to Thrive Festival, acelebration of healthy living and wellbeing happening 29 February to 1 March 2020 in The Convention Centre Dublin. Looking forward to some yoga classes with some of my old favourites, doing some Zumba and getting some talks and demonstrations in.

I’m celebrating the imminent arrival of Spring by refusing to purchase any more winter clothes, no matter how discounted they are in the sales. I am awaiting Spring with open arms.



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