Monthly Moods – January

Margaret Young Business Owner

I have been so inspired by a regular feature in The Gloss magazine called “this month’s moodboard” that I decided to start writing my own version, with a wellness slant of course. Let’s kick off with January…What am I doing, loving and planning this month.

·  I’m curating my work out wardrobe with sustainability in mind. No more cheap n cheerful, wear them a few times, and leave in a drawer. I am going for better quality, more exclusive but classic designs and buying less. My first step was the Ali leggings from Trendy and Bendy. Soft, warm, secure, squat proof, yoga proof, everything proof! And nice enough for brunch out.

·  I’m following the big wellness brands like Neom and Welleco to see what new and innovative products they have coming down the line. Sleep sprays are a big hit with me, so I am always looking for new ones to try, and love researching what other wellness products I might love.

·  I’m playing the field when it comes to yoga studios. I have my three favorites that are all close to home, but I want to venture forth and visit some studios further afield that I have been following online, even if it’s only once. 

·  I’m pointing out the obvious here, but January can be a hard month financially and psychologically for many people. So, I’m taking my own advice from my ‘staying mentally and physically fit in winter” blog post, and getting out and about in nature, in between rain showers.

·  I’m pumping up the volume on my Alexa to listen to any podcast that features Sophie Grace Holmes. Sophie is a PT, endurance athlete and adventurer who just happens to have Cystic Fibrosis. The one to watch for motivation in sports and in life.

·  I’m reading Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson. This thriller has been keeping me up late at night. Just one more chapter…Better than late night screen time.

·  I’m shaking with the cold just thinking about sea swimming, but I really want to take it up this spring. I have followed some accounts on Instagram like Sea Gals Gang Sligo and Swimrise Meetup, to get me in the mood.

·  I’m trend watching via my favorite fashion bloggers,most of whom are based in Germany, like Annie Jaffrey and Livia Auer. Unashamedly stealing their style!  

·  I’m tiptoeing around the subject of summer holidays, as it’s still only January. I don’t want to wish my life away. However, I have my eye on a yoga teacher training trip to Goa with!

·  I’m throwing out all the leftover xmas goodies or rather, I am putting them in the attic out of my sight, out of mind.  I have replaced daily biscuit binges with ashwagandha shakes. No, they don’t taste the same.

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