Monthly Moods – March


 The days are getting brighter and Spring is in the air. Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month.

1. I’m training like a mad person during March, getting my body stronger and ready to take on the physical demands of being a yoga teacher from July. Running, Pilates, weights and of course, yoga – six days a week, no excuses. (ok maybe SOME excuses – see point 8)

2. I’m sitting cross legged a lot this month as I lead my yogis in pranayama. I am really enjoying my 1 to 1 practice classes with my friends and neighbours.

3. I’m stashing every bottle of essential oil I come across as I recently purchased an electronic diffuser and am experimenting with scents. The White Company have just launched a diffuser designed to deliver the perfect amount of scent in minutes, while also adding moisture to the air. “This beautiful ceramic design will transform your space with uplifting fragrances at the touch of a button. With four time settings, you can choose how long your diffuser will release scent for: 180 minutes, 120 minutes or 60 minutes. The diffuser will automatically shut off at the end of each time set.”

4. I’m puckering up with Charlotte Tilbury in Love with Olivia lipstick. Inspired by Olivia Palermo, this is the closest I can get to her debut fashion collection which has just launched.

5. I’m dipping my toes into corporate yoga by providing free yoga classes for the amazing staff of Dogs Trust Dublin from Tuesday 31st March. Exciting!

6. I’m reading Blue mind : how water makes you happier, more connected and better at what you do by Wallace J. Nichols. Despite my declarations in January and February that I would take up sea swimming, I still haven’t quite managed it, but I am reading about the benefits in order to convince myself that this is a good idea.

7. I’m perfecting my acceptance of my imperfections. Perfection doesn’t exist and the sooner we all accept this the better.

8. I’m eating my Fairtrade chocolate stash that I gathered over Fairtrade fortnight which took place last month. It only takes a second to check the bar of chocolate you are picking up has the Fairtrade symbol. If you are in need of persuasion that this is important, read about cocoa farming We consume some amount of chocolate here in Ireland, so we can make a huge difference in supporting Fairtrade.

white company diffuser

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