Monthly Moods – May


Here is what I am buying, doing and loving this month- lockdown permitting!

  1. I’m rereading my yoga philosophy books in preparation for my yoga exams in June. Some parts I absolutely understand and relate to but a lot of it is so over my head it gives me a headache sometimes. But I am enjoying it.
  2. I’m switching from cappuccino to iced coffee and switching my home-made energy balls to bliss balls (as they don’t require a food processor, ours just broke!) Recipe to follow.

I get asked a lot about my iced coffee. It’s just

  • pre-brewed coffee left to cool, and
  • crucially ice cubes made from your choice of milk,
  • mixed together in the Nutribullet with a dash of milk and sweetener.

Soya is my favorite for protein content but for taste coconut/almond is probably a little nicer.

  1. I’m stopping counting my steps as I was getting too obsessed with reaching 10k. I am working out a LOT, so I think I am moving enough and having another thing to feel pressure about is one thing too many. Deleting that pedometer app!
  2. I’m soaking up the sun as much as possible from the safety of my own garden. As hard as lockdown and this situation is, we might never get an opportunity to spend so much time at home. There will be future summers where we will be indoors or on hot sweaty commutes when we look back at this time. Soak up that vitamin D while you can.
  3. I’m embracing our new 5k exercise radius as now I can reach the seafront in Malahide on my walks and runs, and I can’t wait to see the sea again.
  4. I’m doing my bit this month and taking part in a 108 sun salutations event for Focus Ireland, I have also donated to a Cystic Fibrosis event and don’t forget Alzheimer’s Day and Darkness into Light are also this month. On that subject,
  5. I’m downward dogging 300 times in aid of Dogs Trust in May. All charities are suffering during lockdown as there are so many deserving (see point 6!), but animal charities will always have the biggest place in my heart. Donate directly to Dogs Trust or via my Facebook fundraiser.
  6. I’m considering my future, as we are all doing at this time. I have been self-employed for three years now but going back to being an employee has never been more tempting. At the same time, I am working hard on getting my yoga and wellness business off the ground. Can I do both?
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