My self-care routines in lockdown

Margaret Young yoga teacher Dublin

My daily routine

As someone who has been self-employed for three years, and in a corporate role prior to that, routine is something that I am used to, and I can’t seem to loosen up on. On weekdays I get up around 7am do a workout with an online PT who does an Instagram live workout at 7.30am. After that, I’m fed and showered by 9am. I work on EDCL (IT course) right up to coffee break. Then I do an hour of my own admin until 12. I usually take a walk before lunch either listening to podcasts or catching up with family phone calls. In the afternoon I work on Wild whether that’s writing blog posts, product development, marketing etc or studying for my yoga teacher training exams which may involve reading philosophy or watching anatomy videos on YouTube. My favourite task is compiling yoga playlists on Spotify, I could happily do that all day. My husband is working from home at the moment and keeping regular office hours so that helps keep my time structured. He took over my office so mostly I am working from the couch or the attic.  In the evening, a few times a week I take or teach a yoga class using Zoom. I also squeeze in a run or two in with a longer run at the weekend. There is lots of Netflix being watched when work is done. Mostly we watch science fiction and have seen, ironically enough, most of the apocalyptic ones, The Walking Dead, Rain, Dark, Colony. We are very late to the party watching Luther but that’s what we are glued to at the moment.

What I wear

Sometimes it’s workout gear all day and some days I make an effort, jeans and blouses or dresses. It makes me feel better. If I am taking a pic for Instagram or on a zoom call, then I will definitely do full makeup and hair (as best I can, I’m terrible at hair). PJs all day never happens.


Yep, as I mentioned above some days I do weights, running AND yoga. It’s a lot but I know I won’t always have time to do it when life goes back to normal so I might as well. Plus I love my food, so it counteracts that somewhat!

My simple self-care and pampering

You can’t beat a bubble bath, with a face mask and a magazine. I ordered a Dermalogica self-care kit from my nail salon, and I will be giving myself facials. I managed to colour my own roots which made me feel a lot better in myself. I listen to a lot of music which is really important to my overall wellbeing.

The small pleasures

My finances are a bit tighter than usual but by the same token I  am not spending on coffee, eating out, impulse buys etc I have been way more considered in my non-essential spending. About every 7-10 days or so I order something online. Most of these purchases have fallen under the heading of self-care. I bought yoga sequencing cards from Yogaru, for teaching yoga which I started doing via zoom, muscle soothing oil from Yogandha, as well as a couple of dresses from H&M, for drinks in the garden, which is the pinnacle of our social life these days! I am trying to support small businesses as best I can at the moment so that they still have a business when we come out of lockdown. I have tried to apply the same principle to my own business by selling gift cards for 1 to 1 yoga now that can be used at a later date.

Sunny days in the garden are the highlight of the week these days

My eating habits

I have been endeavouring to not rely on convenience foods at this time as there is really no excuse now not to cook from scratch. No more frozen chips! One of the Marie Kondo tasks I did was clearing out my recipe scrapbook and we have been enjoying making some new dishes. Thankfully I  have a big supply of The Green Protein powders in the house, so I don’t need to worry about that, supermarkets aren’t great for protein powder and I go through a lot. I always make my own energy balls, soups, granola etc anyway so I am continuing to do that. My husband is a great cook, I am very lucky.

My beauty hacks

I have been using the Vichy Collagen Specialist SPF25 as my moisturiser and spf in one and I love the consistency and the efficacy.

While some people think wearing foundation at home is a waste of makeup or money, I use Carter Beauty Full Measure HD foundation which is budget-friendly so it’s not an issue. It’s also one of the best foundations on the market in my opinion.  I have been using the Yogandha muscle soothe oil daily, it smells divine, and it’s helping my sore leg muscles. I love the philosophy behind this brand too.

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