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As I am now  finished my 10-month 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training journey, I thought it would a good time to review and reflect on the journey so far. If you are new to following me or have come across this blog post randomly and are interested in yoga teacher training,  then I have made it easy for you to catch up. I have been lucky enough to share this journey with readers of both The Irish Times and and I have put everything together here in chronological order, for easy reading.

In July, two months before I started teacher training, I wrote about it for the Irish Times, read it here. In this piece I explained a little about the qualification and about intensive courses v longer courses.

In October, I reflected up on my own personal reasons for signing up with this piece again for the Irish Times, read it here. In it, we have some major 90s throwbacks as I discuss how I first got into yoga!

In my ongoing yoga diary for Evoke “The Yoga Diaries” I take you through each month, hour by hour and break down what teacher training involves and how I felt about each step.

Month 1: “I signed myself up for yoga teacher training” – I had a lot of school days flashbacks!

Month 2: “All about the journey” – I was trying not to project and reflect on how I will handle teaching, was just taking it step by step, doing my homework and preparing myself for the next phase.

Month 3: “Let the joy be in your journey, and not in some distant goal” – I had a lot going on personally and was in tears driving to teacher training.

Month 4: “Brought a bump in the road” – I will ill for this one and eventually had to admit defeat and head home.

Month 5: “The halfway mark” – it’s all coming together!

Month 6: “Life turned upside down”

Month 7: “My struggle to accept virtual yoga”

Month 8: “The new normal meant Zoom yoga in the attic”

Month 9: “The final countdown”

Month 10: “The finish line is just the beginning”

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