3 foodie and nutrition accounts to follow during COVID-19 social distancing and self-isolation


We need comfort right now, and that often comes in the form of food. But comfort food does not have to equal junk food. I think we can all agree now that “superfoods” and the latest  de rigueur vegetables are a part of our normal diets, that we have finally realized that healthy food can be so delicious and satisfying. One unfortunate consequence of the initial panic buying that took place when COVID-19 first arrived to our shores, was that food groups were over purchased and unfortunately a lot of the fresh produce ended up going to waste. While I didn’t panic-buy myself, I am still interested, always, in the environment and the massive impact of food wastage. The social media accounts that I have been turning to lately are the ones who are sharing simple recipes, that sound delish, with uncomplicated ingredients and those offering advice and ideas on how to make the best use of what we already have in our cupboards.

Here are my top 3 and I would love to hear your favs?

Rozanne Stevens (Instagram and Twitter – @rozannestevens)

Chef, cookbook author and zero waste advocate – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of her talents! She is also a cat lover.

Beatrice Caffrey – The Nourished Bowl (Instagram – @thenourishedbowl)

Plant based chef and nutrition and health coach all about making the most of what is in your kitchen with zero waste.

Holly White (Instagram – @hollywhite.ie)

Former stylist and broadcaster, Holly is a vegan cook food author and is big on sustainability.

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