Wellness lovers gift guide


COVID-19 lockdown friendly shopping AND a secret discount code!

If you are shopping for birthday presents, for the wellness lover in your life, you will certainly be challenged by COVID-19 restrictions. While gifting is certainly not our top priority in life currently, I think we can agree, it’s nice to have the option to still look after our loved ones and celebrate the occasions as best we can at the moment. These ideas have all been researched to check that the businesses are still shipping at this time.

  1. Oils from Yogandha

Designed to bring daily self-connection and calm into the lives of all they touch. The range includes roll-on’s: apply one of three depending if you need to calm, to energise or to balance, for an instant feeling of calm self-connection. The range is completed by three options of body oils, the muscle soothe is top of my list! These oils can be used in the shower, after bathing, and as part of your yoga or meditation routine, or simply as part of your overall day-to-day wellness. There are some gift bundles and lots of ideas..I am delighted that Yogandha has offered Wild Soul readers an exclusive discount of 20% off! Shipping in Ireland/UK/Europe is a flat rate of 3 euro which is fantastic, no nasty surprises at the checkout. The code for 20% off is WELLNOW


2 Ali leggings from Trendy & Bendy

The comfiest cosiest high waisted leggings that somehow don’t add bulk to your frame. Available in classic black, electric blue, grey and lavender. You will not regret purchasing these for yourself or the woman in your life, as these are ideal for all sorts of workouts and looking half-decent in lockdown.


3 Yoga cards from Yogaru

The 108 Asana cards are designed as a sequencing guide, for all levels of experience, to make your practice more accessible at home. Each card has alignment cues, levels guide, anatomy coding, and Sanskrit/English asana names. The cards also come with an easy to follow sequencing guide, sample sequences, and an extensive list of asana benefits to help you tailor to your needs. Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher. I recently treated myself to these and apart from being exactly as described above, they are really good quality, substantial and are beautifully presented making them an ideal gift.


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