Wellness Review – Weighted Blanket


What is it?

Simply put, a weighted blanket is a blanket that weights a lot more than normal blanket, anything from 3kg up. The weight is usually created by a a layer of high-density glass beads that the blanket is lined in. The weight is designed to ease anxiety hence why you might often hear to them referred to as anti-anxiety blankets.

Apparently, weighted blankets were first introduced by occupational therapists as treatment for behavioural disorders but are now gone mainstream and available to anyone. Some experts refer to their use as “deep-pressure therapy” – the idea is that the pressure from the blanket can increase serotonin, a chemical in your body that makes you feel happy and calm. it’s become a popular way for anxiety-suffers, and insomniacs attain better sleep.

I got mine in a local homewares store, but I have seen them everywhere, even bargain stores like Mr Price. Mine is in an on-trend grey colourway and I keep it folded up when not in use.

Cost: 35 euro

My experience:

I had really high hopes, as I grew up in a cold house and was used to sleeping with a lot of heavy fabrics over me plus a cat or two, I thought I would love the sensation of the weight. However I found it a bit too restrictive. I like to be able to turn over at night multiple times with ease. I did however enjoy having it over me for shorter periods while listening to music or reading.

My verdict:

On a winters day lying reading on a couch or bed yes, but sleeping all night with it on me, it’s a no from me.

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